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White liberals from NPR in action. Who gives a damn about the ongoing brutalization of black lives and bodies in Ferguson, the complete absence of any real justice to date, the ongoing lies of the Ferguson police department with the collusion of the Missouri governor’s office, the silencing and military occupation of a black community that simply wants justice for one of their sons killed by our racist, fascist police state. How does any of that matter when property values which impact white real estate investors are on the line?

I’m so sick of this shit.

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Boy Scout creates cellphone booths at Fairbanks library

This is pretty clever. Goodness knows that we all hate listening to people talk on their cellphones (no, seriously, here’s a New York Times blog post and the study it refers to), so things like this are awesome.

Plus, it provides a great place for Clark Kent to change into Superman, now that public phone booths are less of a thing.

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